Friday, March 26, 2010

BBQ's, Bailey's haunted house, Birthdays, and Bees!

Yes, we survived comps! The perfect weather we got for spring break was just in time to celebrate. We've been pretending it's summer, bonfires outside, drinking iced tea in our rocking chairs, lots of yummy food, it's been wonderful.

Here's Bailey in front of her haunted house. It's actually a dog house that Taylor and his dad Mike made her, but Bailey HATES it. Taylor will sit in there with treats and she still won't go in. Bahahaha.

Family pic using the timer. :)

Then we celebrated Natalie's birthday. It was some much need time with our best friends, minus Sam :(


Bailey, always exhausted after we have friends over

My husband, took on the most vicious nest of bees I've ever seen! We were just having a simple BBQ outside, and he notices the GIGANTIC bees coming out of our patio roof. With nothing but a frisbee and a dust pan to use as weapons, and with the help of a little Raid, he began battling them. Bailey and I cheered him on from inside the kitchen, behind the safety of the screens.
Final score: Good guys-4, Bad guys -9.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

What we've been up to...


I have comps in 9 days. What are comps? A giant comprehensive test which evaluates what I have retained from all the classes I have taken in the last 3 years. VERY overwhelming, SO much information. And so, most nights I come home to my dining room table turned office, and study.
Consequently, Taylor gets bored. :) He typically will do some sort of physical activity (walking Bailey or playing some sport with the guys), make us dinner, clean up dinner, and then drift to sleep while I am still studying.
Bailey prefers to sleep on my lap while I am studying. Notice that she is laying on my computer (as evidenced by the chord coming from under her neck) and that my book is resting on top of her. She literally will push books off the couch to make room for herself on my lap. It is adorable.

My loves...don't be fooled, I think this picture was around 8:30pm :)
Well, Sam and Gail, you're welcome. I didn't skip blogging this week.

Now back to the thesis. Today's task: synthesize literature that I compiled last week.