Monday, August 5, 2013

You are 1!

Dear Norah Mae

My sweet baby doll you are 1 year old! I don’t even know how to comprehend how quickly this last year has gone. In this last year you have grown and changed and blossomed so dramatically. I’m not sure how to put into words the way God has used you to transform our family. We are constantly striving to grow in our own faith, that we might pass on to you a legacy. That you might be the next righteous generation. We pray not only that you would come to know God, but that you would love his ways, trusting in His goodness. We pray for opportunities to help you interpret your experiences in a way that makes God real, that you would have your own moments of faith where you see Him come through. We pray that you would be kind, full of mercy, gentle, diligent, convicted, faithful, and compassionate as you grow into a little girl. We hope to paint a vision for your life, a vision where you are carrying out the mission of the Gospel, that all may know and follow Christ. Where you walk with God faithfully, growing in wisdom, that you might help others do the same. Where your true contentment comes not from the ways the world offers happiness, but from faithfully serving your God and fulfilling His purposes in your life. In Him may you find who you are, in Him may you rest your confidence, humbly walking forward, giving all that you have, that you may find all that is worth keeping.

But today, are you just 1. Not quite toddler, not quite baby. You are affectionate, leaning in for kisses, you have a sense of humor, looking for our reactions when you think you are funny, you are cuddly when tired, and an angelic sleeper, hooray! You have nailed saying mama, and even say “mo” while clapping your hands. Although, now mama and more are mixing into “mamo” for things you want. You say dada, and called for his attention and affection. You blow kisses. You sniff when you see flowers or candles. You squeak for ducks and swans. You woof for dogs. You have 7 teeth! You chatter with a PURPOSE! I’m hoping to catch a video of the intensity in your voice and on your face when trying to direct me. It’s like you can’t believe that I can’t understand you, and that the thing you are trying to tell me is of the utmost importance. You are absolutely a delight, and we are so thankful for this first year of parenting you. Love you to the moon and back baby girl!
Pool days at Noni's

We've been spending lots of time at the new park by our house, you LOVE the swings and rides on daddy's shoulders

Your first 4th of July!

Auntie Summer and Uncle Bryan's wedding. It was BEAUTIFUL!

Riding the swan down the aisle. Not thrilled :)

Your birthday morning! Mickey pancakes made by Papa at the beach house in Oxnard.

The 3 of us on your birthday

From the first day of your life, to your first birthday, you have been a treasured gift dear. I'm so thankful that God gave you to us for this season!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

11 months old!

Oh my sweet girl

How you have wrapped our hearts around yours. You are so precious. This is an amazing stage to be your mom, you learn new things daily. You point with direction now, telling me which bite you want to eat, which flower you’d like to smell (and then destroy), which thing you want to explore. You’ve learned to say mama, and may have said banana. You motion consistently for "oh man" and "how big are you?" You’ve learned to look for the moon at night. You blew your first kiss to your daddy on Father’s day. You love to stand, pulling up on anything and everything. You scale furniture a bit, but aren’t showing much interest in walking. You are however very interested in communication. You are so aware. Watching what I say, laughing when I laugh. You’ve even developed a fake laugh where you throw your head back and laugh. You giggle when tickled. You LOVE the beach as much as I do, and giggle with delight by the waves. Stranger danger is WAY better, although you still aren’t a favorite in the nursery at church. You’ve really become more interested in other kids, and even have learned to play a bit with them.

Literally, I look at you and my heart aches with contentment. I am so thankful for this role, I am so glad to be your mom. You are more than I ever could have dreamed.

Celebrating my 28th birthday at the beach, my favorite place.

At Summer's wedding shower, there's your Papa, cancer free! Doesn't he look great?

The first night you blew kisses, Father's Day!

Your first ride in the swan which you rode down the aisle for Summer's wedding. Adorable.

A new fav

Friday, July 19, 2013

Norah Mae turns 10 months old!

Dear Norah

10 months! You cut your top teeth! And right at the end cut one more tooth on the right side! CRAZY girl! You had a very tough time cutting your teeth. We had about a 2 week period of all whiny and NO happy until they broke through. You wanted no one but me. I began to panic. Thankfully, met with some friends from church and got some coaching through the situation. Didn't change you, but changed my heart! 

You “brush your hair” You clap your hands enthusiastically, and wave!

You take 2 naps a day, around 10 and 3. We are trying to get you down (for the most part) to 4 feedings a day. You eat solids, but actually are almost over baby food. Once you cut your top 2 teeth you got over the puree crap. It’s like, I worked hard for these, give me the real thing.

You got dedicated. Such a sweet day. So many of our friends from church dedicated their kids that morning as well, including Whitney and Jon and baby Brynn. I remember standing there in church, looking at all of our families and friend (we sat with the McWhorter crew) and felt so thankful for the people God has placed in our lives. Not to mention our amazing church family that surrounded us. 

We had our first Mother’s Day, which was on the day you were dedicated, how fitting.

You swam for the first time, and LOVED it. You are so brave. We had such a good time swimming with you! Here's to many summers together!

Sweet girl, I love you to pieces. My favorite part of this phase is that we seem to really be developing a relationship. You respond to me. You purposefully do silly things to make me laugh. Almost every meal time you giggle with delight, particularly when it makes me laugh.

On that note, you went through a new phase with nap time! You started sitting up, which lead to new sleep training. Then when I’d go turn you back over you would giggle and squeal! So adorable. I’m in trouble with you, cause I can’t resist your laugh.

I’ve heard that rebellion usually begins to show up around 10 months, I’m nervous for that. You are such a joy, and I’m not feeling ready to face the training/discipline aspect of parenting. I’ve gotten caught up in all of this amazing first year stuff. Even though the thing that originally attracted me to parenting was raising kids who would fear the lord, and advance His Kingdom, I'm loving the diapers, feedings, bibs, first timid steps while holing me, etc. As I’m walking into the next phase. The beginning of shaping character and values. I pray desperately for God to give me wisdom. To give your dad and I wisdom so that you may grow to believe God is real, and that in doing life His way, things really do go better. He can be trusted.

Getting dedicated on Mother's Day

Happy Birthday to Daddy!

Celebrating Daddy's birthday with a hike

OCC Mother Daughter Tea at our house! So special

All your little things that you are so fond of!