Friday, December 23, 2011

All is Well

My absolute favorite Christmas tradition is a tape we listen to each Christmas Eve called "All is Well." Each year a different part of the story touches me, and I am inevitably moved to tears. The message is always the same, For unto us a child is born, a Savior which is Christ the Lord. That's how come All is Well. He came, gave us his son, gave us hope, sacrificed all because of his great love for us. He weaves our lives together, for His glory. His kindness to us has been so full, so rich, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude that he saved us.

Today, especially today, I am thankful for who God brought into my life. Five years ago today Taylor asked me to be his girlfriend, and one of the best decisions I have ever made was saying yes!
Two years later we were married on December 27, 2008. I love this picture from our wedding, I remember how I felt at that moment. So grateful to be his wife, so excited to walk back down the aisle, with my sweet husband, to begin our new life together. I loved our vows, I loved our wedding, but oh did I love looking over at that man. Again, grateful, thankful God had given us to each other. Marriage has been one of the sweetest blessings of my life.

Three short months later our lives changed again...we brought home Bailey! Our first puppy, our first baby. I loved that apartment, the walls my father-in-law painted, the weddings gifts from friends and family that made our house feel like home, the meals Taylor cooked us there. :) I loved waking up in the mornings next to Taylor, and I really loved that puppy! I loved watching Taylor with that puppy, I loved imagining the kind of father he would be because of the way he loved her.

And then last Thanksgiving I caved again, and we got Everest. Our second baby. Our sweet puppy, who cuddles in the morning and begs for our affection.

Our family of four last Christmas! (2010) I love these dogs, "our girls." My mom told me a story about trusting God, and though I've forgotten the details, the message was that trusting him is like leaning into him, relying on his strength. If you've ever met my girls, they are leaners! They lean on me all the time, and remind me of the hope and confidence I have by leaning into my Savior.

Now I find myself grateful yet again, overwhelmed actually. We will welcome our first child into the world around July 19th! Today, we are 10 weeks pregnant!

Today I look forward to watching my husband become transformed into a Father. I eagerly await this child, this gift that God is weaving together inside of me. I pray, I hope, and I trust God, knowing All is truly Well, because of his child.

So blogging world, I'm back. Maybe it's part of nesting, wanting to capture all that is happening. Or maybe it's because of all that I'm thankful for, but here's to a new adventure!