Monday, April 19, 2010

Bailey's Beach day

So a couple weeks ago Taylor got a day off for being employee of the month at CBU, he's gonna kill me for writing that but I'm proud of him :) Since he was off, I asked for time off, and we got away to the beach. We had so much fun walking around and enjoying the beautiful view. Something about the beach always leaves me in awe of our Creator. So here are some pictures...

Me and my girl

She loved the water this time, it was so cute.

Family shot...

After the beach we met up with Brooke and Trever for dinner, and then went to their house for tea. Bailey and her cousin Grey got along very well that night, even cuddled a little.

Our friends Bryan and Natalie live right down the street from Brooke and Trever, and they are also Auggie's parents. Auggie is Bailey's boyfriend, he's much bigger than her as you can see!

The Hoehne's...

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