Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Two Months Old!

You and Aslan. You'll learn more about Him later, just wanted you to know He's been there all along ;)
Dear Norah Mae

Where did the time go? My sweet love you are 2 months old, and what a joy this month has been. You coo and smile at us all the time now. We can't get enough of your sweet faces! You should see the ridiculous things your daddy and I do trying to make you laugh. Can't wait for the first time we hear that!

You hold your neck up really well, but you HATE tummy time. You weighed in at 11.5 pounds and 23 inches long, right in the 50th percentile for everything. You HATED getting your shots. Your daddy and I were both ready to cry along with you! You still wake up once in the night to eat, but you are a master at eating and going right back to bed until we start our day at 8. We are pretty used to your schedule now, which means it's rare that you are fussy, we've got you figured out for the moment! The only glitch is when you wake up early from your naps. I tried letting you cry it out once, and when I came in after 10 minutes and saw your tears I cried too! We were both a mess. The good news, when you go down for naps the first time I can put you in your crib awake and you soothe yourself to sleep.

I started working this month. It's amazing how good God is, I didn't even feel sad leaving you. It helps that I only work 6 hours a week, but I'm also leaving you with your daddy or your Nonni, so that's not too bad. Your daddy calls Tuesday nights your date nights. :) Your Nonni loves watching you, and you LOVE her. I am really enjoying the opportunity to teach the CBS courses at CBU, which is such a blessing. If I have to work, this is definitely the best case scenario!

You now feel like a normal part of our life. We've figured out how to get out and about with you. It feels like you fit. You bring us joy daily. You are wonderful my darling girl!

You love your cousin Quinn

Papa and Grammy loving them some grandbabies!

First trip to Wrightwood

I mean seriously, you are gorgeous! And you love the beach as much as I do :)

Family date night in Balboa

You can't see it well, but in the background is Spot P, the lifeguard tower where your daddy proposed to me. It was amazing to be there with you!

One Month Old!-Posted a little late :)

Dear Norah Mae

You are officially one month old. I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed. In the last month you moved from being the baby who kicked and turn inside of me, to the baby I hold with delight. The nursery is now called Norah's room. Your face is no longer something I can't imagine, but a sweetly feminine version of your daddy's. It is just as it should be, of course this is you. I hold you and cry, so thankful that the spine I first saw in the ultrasound is the back I am rubbing.  You are a miracle, and I sense that everyday. You've already completely changed our lives. And I don't just mean because we sleep less, but you have stolen our hearts. You're arrival has somehow endeared me more than I thought possible to your daddy. I love seeing him be a father, and I love who He is as my husband. He is amazing, you are a lucky girl.

This month I've been overwhelmed by the kindness of our friends and family. So many people have brought us meals, sent congratulation cards, sent me encouraging notes as I figure out this thing called motherhood, cleaned our house (your Nonni has slaved over here!), and best of all ... Loved you!

You began this month as a tiny newborn. A stranger to us, yet so incredibly familiar. I still don't feel like a mom, but you feel like are mine. You are a Neece, you belong with us, God created you just for us. For this season we get to care for you, train you, love you. I struggle at times with fear. You've now become a part of me and I can easily come up with many reasons to fear, but I have to trust God with your life, and I am thankful for each day he gives us with you.

This month you learned to nurse,a big accomplishments for both of us! You love to eat, but you take your time. You like breaks and need lots of burping because you spit up after almost every meal. At the end of this month you started waking up only once in the night! You love sleep like your daddy.  You smile, and sometimes its in response to me. You gulped down your first bottle and loved it. You went to Big Sur to see Sam get married. You were amazing in the car and for the entire weekend. It as your first night away from your daddy, but you did great. You fell in love with Whit, she makes you smile and calms you, she has the same effect on me. Your Uncle Daniel coos over you and says you are so beautiful. You love when your daddy rocks you and does some sort of line dance with you. You don't even react when you hear Bailey and Everest bark...which is a lot! You get the hiccups often. You have a high pitch little gasp that you do when you are hungry and eating fast or about to cry. You are just beginning to coo.

So at the end of month one ...what can I say? I'm smitten by you. You are my treasure, a gift from God. You've made a role that I was afraid of feel like home. I love being your mom, and I look forward to the years ahead!

Our very first family picture
Your Nonni and Auntie's awaiting your arrival!
Your Papa came every week for a while, with bags of groceries :)

Your debut at CBU :)

The Bowman wedding

Daddy and his girl