Thursday, July 18, 2013

5 Months Old

Hi Baby Girl

Well, I'm a little late in writing this, well, REALLY late. To be fair, I've continued taking pictures, and writing letters at the end of each month. I just haven't got around to posting any of them. Since I last blogged we survived the holidays, bought a house, started the busiest semester of my life, moved in with your Noni for almost 2 months between houses, moved again into our house, and went to Auntie Summer's wedding! It's been crazy to say the least. But time for catch up, because I already feel the quickness with which time is passing me by, and I'll want to look back on these sweet moments with you! I love you like crazy!
Your first Santa pictures with your cousin Quinn!

Busting out the jumper. You weren't crazy about it, but you didn't hate it either.

Time with Auntie Natalie, pregnant with Johnny in this picture.

Your cousin Jude's first birthday party. It was Indian themed. ;)

"The Cannonball and the Diving Board" -J. McWhorter

 One of the things I love about our family, and hope you will to, is the marathon of the holidays! Since we have so many families, we start celebrating before Dec. 25! This is your first Christmas at Noni and Papa's house.
First time trying solid food!

Yes, all of us wathed!

Our first Christmas. LOVE you sweet girl!

Your first CBU Yule

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