Friday, July 19, 2013

Crazy 8

Dear sweet Norah Mae

You my dear, are 8 months old, and it seems in a matter of moments are quickly blossoming into …you. My baby is becoming my little girl. You have so much life and personality. We started this month still living at your Noni’s house, and ended in our new home. We moved in and I couldn’t help but think about all the special memories we will create here.
Our first home!
Right after we moved in your Papa came down and put in beautiful crown molding throughout our living room and dining room, such a servant!

Milestones…CRAWLING! About a week before you turned 8 months old you started to rock and I thought, NO WAY! But you were determined. You started your first wobbly movements forward, and would actually often roll to one side or the other in an effort to get to your desired destination. However, within a couple days you were off and moving, improving everyday. Within a w eek you figured out that you could actually crawl to accomplish your goals. If you wanted me, you could come down the hallway and find me, so precious!

Stranger danger is in full force. You want me. I LOVE and HATE that. I LOVE that you love me. That my presence alone can comfort you. What a sweet reminder of faith. HIS presence alone is our comfort. It’s also painful, because you won’t let people who love you dearly hold you. THE WORST!

You love and sort of hide and seek and giggle and delight with peek a boo. You make a new face where you squint your eyes and do a cheesy smile, it melts me. You thrash your head back and forth as if to say no, but for some reason you think it’s hilarious. You blow with your lips until you run out of breath. You are a doll.

I love being your mama more every day. You are my blessing, and bring me so much joy. I’ve been so surprised by how many people stop me and say they remember their kids being at that stage like it was yesterday, they tell me how fast it goes. I believe them! I am trying to soak up each sweet moment with you my dear. I’m not sure I’ve made much progress in this whole balancing act. With you crawling and down to 2 naps a day, I have less time for anything else. Which is ok, I love time with you, I’m just not sure how to get everything else done. I’m so behind at work, all the time. Not meaning to complain. Just processing through. Is that helpful to you? Will you one day read this, while trying to figure out how to be a mom and everything else in your life? As I learn to walk carefully, to figure out how to live in a way that please God, I know that at the same time I am imparting that to you. Teaching you to trust and obey him amidst the stress of life! How desperately I need Him

Family time in San Clemente

Little lover

Playing with Gigi
 Ok Crawler!

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