Friday, July 19, 2013

Seven Months!

Dear Norah Girl

You are seven months old! I cannot believe how fast your first year is going. I’m enamored as I watch you blossom into a baby girl full of giggles and smiles and sweetness. Oh how you laugh. You giggle, and throw your head back doing a deep belly laugh. You squint your eyes and smile at us, and you’ve recently taken to shaking your head back and forth. You delight in the world around you, taking in the breeze with a smile, touching every leaf, every orange, every light switch. You love to reach and explore, and it’s my joy to carry you around and watch the wonder in your eyes and joy on your face as you experience something new.

You’ve just barely entered the “stranger danger” phase. You’re a little more resistant to leave my arms, which I hate to admit I adore. I love being your safe haven, your refuge. I hope our home is always a refuge for you, a shelter. Yet even now, I push you to step past the protection I can provide you. I put you in the arms of other people, wanting you to learn to love people, wanting you to reach past your fears to see all that God has in store.

You had a big month of changes and transitions! We've moved into Noni and Papa’s house, which is God’s perfect timing and grace. I’ve had such a busy semester, and they’ve been such a help with you. It’s really eased my load as I’m not having to take care of any domestic responsibilities. It’s been harder to be busy, I miss you on my long Thursdays at work, but we get through one day at a time. You love your Noni, which makes it much easier to leave. You’ve developed quite an affection for them being around them so much. They dote over you, and you love to smile back, watching for their reactions.

You have mastered sitting up, and now will moving from sitting up onto your belly (never thought I’d see the day!). You are squirming and rocking and even pushing yourself backwards. The crawl is coming soon, I just know it. You are so determined to get what you want, and so you try and try and try. You broke your first two bottom teeth! While I miss your smile of all gums, there is something in me that loves to see you growing and developing! And your smile still melts me. You had your first nasty cold. It was so sad. You were such a dolly through it all. You were just quiet, not fussy. You have really learned how to sleep without a swaddle (also never thought I’d see that day!). It was rough for a while, but now you are an angelic sleeper. It’s fun to see the way you prefer to sleep on your tummy, all curled up. You went in to the doctor’s because you were sick and weighed 15 pounds 8 ounces, tiny little thing!

I am overwhelmed with all that is in my life right now, SO busy. But you keep me at peace. I don’t want to wish the time away, because I am enjoying every sweet moment with you. I am desperately clinging to God, for fear that I might loose it in those moments when I am most overwhelmed. I’m exhausted with work, but by His grace he keeps me.

You are so sweet with your daddy. You cuddle with him and laugh at him. You are so affectionate with him, its fun to see you already have a special bond.

Well darling, I love and adore you. I pray for strength and wisdom in parenting you.

One of the first nights we put you in a high chair. I could kiss your cheeks for days!

We ALL bunked up at Noni's while Hayley and the boys were here from TN. It was wonderful chaos!

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